Maurer Kunststofftechnik regards itself as result oriented partner of his customers, offering a wide range of products combined with a comprehensive supply of services as well as development competence. 

What our customers appreciate particularly: short reaction- and delivery times, uncomplicated principle of operation and flexible delivery quantities.

Range of services:

  • Application technology
  • Application development
  • Development of granules based on technical thermoplastics
  • Extrusion of technical thermoplastics (PA, POM, PC, PBT, PPA, PPS, PEEK etc.)
  • Compounding of small sized lots in quantities < 100 kg.
  • Colour matching of technical thermoplastics
  • Laboratory service
  • Analyse of thermoplastic parts
  • Technical support for approvals
  • Development of food approvable plastic formulations
  • Development of drink water approvable plastic formulations
  • Development of UL approvable plastic formulations